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Ayana A. Ali

Licensed Clinical Social Worker




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"Last year, I found myself needing not only to be in therapy but to also (simultaneously) have a coach. I had been thorough and exacting when trying to find a therapist... and the same was true for who I chose to coach with.  I saw a distinct difference in the work and prayed for the right partner in my coaching.


When God sent me Ayana (and that is 100% how I see it - - that God SENT Ayana to me),  I was a whole mess; an ENTIRE train wreck.  I honestly needed a safe space to untangle a great deal of immediate issues, breathe for a moment, laugh at myself and get some direction.  Ayana IMMEDIATELY offered me all of that space and then some!

Using her gentle but direct demeanor, Ayana put me at ease from moment ONE.  She listened intently, asked the right questions at the right times, laughed at my stupid jokes, and ALWAYS left me with solutions.  


She is clear, compassionate, appropriately vulnerable, HIGHLY intuitive and outrageously intelligent (HEAVY on the intuitiveness, which was helpful!).  Ayana led every session with unmistakable  professionalism, but her deep humanity also allowed for flexibility and versatility - - depending on my needs in the moment.   Don't get it twisted...  you CANNOT play in her face. Ayana is not the one (or the two, lol!)  but she absolutely has the great gift of melding together psycho-social intellect, genuine empathy while communicating clear tools.  These tools, and Ayana's invaluable direction, helped me grow and change exponentially.

Without stutter or hesitation I HIGHLY recommend her as coach or as a therapist (particularly for professional women of color)!"-

Gigi Gilliard

"Ayana Ali's Work-Life Balance services have been a game-changer for me. Her personalized approach, deep expertise, and unwavering support have helped me regain control of my life and find a healthier balance between work and personal priorities. I feel less stressed and more fulfilled, and I highly recommend Ayana's services to anyone looking for a positive change in their life.-

Daphany Rose Sanchez


"Getting Out of My Own Way" was pivotal for me to identify areas where I have been stuck due to either comfort, fear, or a sense of responsibility, especially to others in my life.  The identification...was eye-opening. Having a safe space to unpack these forced me to confront myself and the impact of my decisions or lack thereof.  The experience was just the first step towards removing or jumping over obstacles that have been self-imposed and reinforced over many, many years."-

Sienna H

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