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A beautiful set of specially designed cards to help you through some of your toughest moments. 


If you've lived through infertility and/or pregnancy loss, you know what it's like when you finally get that big fat positive- you're overjoyed...and anxious.  Delighted to be growing your baby, but also worried about what will happen in  this pregnancy and just trying to stay above the worries and fears.


If you need a grounding tool, something that will introduce peace and help you to focus on positive things, look no further.  Pick a card when you're feeling overwhelmed or flooded.  Let the calming and assuring messages bring you back to what you know, you can handle the pressures of this period in your life with grace.


Ayana Ali Coaching™ 2023-2026



Pregnancy Affirmations for Infertility & Loss Survivors

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